At midnight, China’s land “fleet” reunited here, their maintenance center. Feeling shocked? Me too!

The fact is that 13 years ago, China did not have a single mile of high-speed rail. But now, it has 8 times as much high-speed track as France, 10 times as much as Japan, 20 times as much as the UK, and the U.S. has just signed an infrastructure bill to build one.

In just 13 years, China has established the world’s largest high-speed railway network, accounting for 2/3 of the world’s total high-speed track. It’s staggering the amount of progress they have made in such a short period. And this is Chinese speed.

#Beijing and #Shanghai, one political center and one economic center, are the cites I frequented most in recent years. Connecting two major metropolitans of China, the high-speed line between is also the busiest one in the whole country, shortening travel time from over 10 hours in the past to around 4 hours now.

The way people travel is completely changed by the high-speed bullet train. For long distance journey, flying is no longer their only choice.

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