Monday, November 29, 2021

Glory of Cambodia : Princess Jenna Norodom and her new national unique outfit

Princess Jenna Norodom: ”This is a new unique outfit that makes me excited to wear this set by our super creative designers, classic blended format, our Kingdom Flag. This set, I would like to name Khmer flag, Khmer soul, Khmer heart. I am very proud to be born as Khmer, Angkor builder and a country with the oldest cultural culture in the world. I support this awesome creative craft and thank you to Sara Sophanna who organized this work till the end and thank you classic designer & team for creating this beautiful outfit”

  • Makeup by: Wedding Embellishment: Serey Sopheak Embellishment
  • Photoshoot / Color by: Won Vattan:
  • Studio : @NCJ Empire Studio
  • For those who want to take old and modern Studio photos, please contact the page @NCJ Empire Studio of Little Princess.




You can follow official page of Princess Jenna Norodom

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